Wednesday, November 10, 2021

So sneaky...!

JT sent me this gif last week while I was out of town. JT does this thing where you finish a course or a line and she says "just keep coming" and then zips around and adjusts jumps while you're picking up a canter or starting the course. I've watched her do it during my friend's lessons, but barely notice it during mine even though she is clearly doing it then as well. 

I'm not sure if I shared this here or not, but my brain broke about the height of a jump a month or two ago. We were working on a roll back to a vertical and at one point it seemed easier to let him keep trotting than coordinate a canter around a roll back turn. She got after me that that was not the point of the exercise, so I didn't, but it seemed totally reasonable to me. Eventually we got it together (okay, I got it together, Yoshi was fine the whole time, I finally turned with my body and quit pulling on the right rein) and called it a day. Then JT told me the vertical was 3'. I knew she was right. She is the professional and was also standing on the ground next to the jump. But I could not actually believe her. I intellectually accepted it, but still felt in my heart of hearts that it was maayyyybe 2'9", but more likely 2'6". 

So then a few days later when I was in our home field setting some poles at specific intervals for an exercise out of the conditioning book, I stuck my tape measure on a jump that looked 3' to me. It was 3'6". Oooookay. So I found one that looked 2'6", yep that was 3'. Huh. See heart/gut, I knew she was right.

Anyways, point of my long brain-break ramble is that in our lesson Monday we made it up to training level height. It didn't feel like that big of a deal. Pretty cool. I cannot tell you how much her lessons are worth, but it is WAY way more than she charges. 

AND she filmed it.