Wednesday, January 26, 2022

(Mostly) WW: Eye update and the new pony!

Yoshi's recheck Monday was great news! His ulcer is healed. The constant screaming in my head about gross fungal corneal things in horses can stop. He does have fibrin in his anterior chamber, so he's still on banamine, atropine, and now Diclofenac until that resolves. But all of those are q12h, not q6h. Thank goodness! I'm sure he appreciates it too. We're concerned the fibrin is anchored to the endothelium (back side of the cornea), so it may take a bit longer than it would otherwise to resolve. But the ophthalmologist my vet texted the pictures to felt like it would resolve eventually. He also gets to stop wearing his pirate mask, which again, he was being very good about, but understandably was a bit spooky on his "blind" side. 

The fibrin is that little white bit in the bottom of his pupil

Head so heavy, please hold for me

The new pony!

Fresh off a 20 hour trailer ride and he just moseyed around, drank some water, and then settled in to eat. Stopped eating to come over for cuddles though.

Hard to get pictures because he is so friendly and wants to be so close!

Pico did NOT appreciate HER lap being occupied so basically just sat on the little peeps. They didn't mind much. 


  1. always a relief when you can step down the treatment frequency for eyes, bleh... glad Yoshi is recovering! and omg that floofy forelock on the new guy <3

    1. Me too! He's being such a trooper about it, but we're both glad to not be messing with his eyes every 6 hours!!

  2. Yay! Glad it's improving! New guy is adorable!!