Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Month Two with Gogmagog

First set of check-in photos on the GY's crossties!

Would you like to also grow your tail not just every other part of you??

Baby horse clearly continues to impress with his adventures jumping in hand and super exciting rides. He's just a GOOD boy. He is clever and sensitive, but also laid back. I am just enjoying the heck out of getting to know him. When he walked right up to me in the pasture the other day, my heart melted. He's got a huge field and friends and grass, and he wanted to come hang out and see what we were going to do that day. What an awesome feeling. 

He had an adventure on Monday. He is a little funny with the bit and my usual dentist can't see him until the start of May. So I hauled him down to JT's since her dentist could squeeze him in earlier. He was pretty willing to load up, but we need to work on either self-loading or a woah on the trailer, or really, both. I had to go bug Ms. GY to come do the butt bar because he would walk on with me pretty easily but then was disinclined to stand while I went around or backed out to do the butt bar. 

This was the only exciting thing

She checked him and felt like most of his mouth looked good and would just need to be rechecked in the fall. But he'd hung onto that cap and his gums were pretty inflamed around it, so it might be bugging him. She was able to grab it with hemostats and then tug while he turned his head and it popped right off. 

She also said while the tooth could cause fussiness, he is definitely in a growth spurt and that could be contributing as well. LOL. 


To help him get back on the trailer, I enlisted his big (little... LOL... since Ben is 16.3...) brother. 

Hi Ben, you are a good boy

Goggles went right on 

And then got alfalfa, which Ben really wanted

But Goggles was pretty excited about the alfalfa and didn't necessarily share

I'm just so happy with this kiddo. He comes out ready to learn and is so far the easiest (and largest...) baby ever. 


  1. Omg Ben’s face in that last photo! Glad to see them both so happy and relaxed with each other

    1. Yes! I think giggles would absolutely pick on Ben when turned out together, but they make great company in the trailer.