Tuesday, March 19, 2024

This and that

Insert long list of work, life, etc etc reasons that I've sucked at blogging. But we'll skip all that and just do a bullet format list of what we have been doing lately.

We've been doing things - not a lot of photos of doing said things, but I at least remembered to take a few pre-photos...  

  • Horse Shows in the Park schooling day - Goggles bopped around the baby hunter ring and was super and rideable. He did try to take a bite out of the fake flowers and then pull one of those panic-and-forget-I-can-open-my-mouth moves and spin in a circle bucking like a bronc for a few seconds till he dropped the flowers. I dismounted and we had a mini sack out session with said flowers. He then went on to jump them just fine, but I didn't give him the option of taking a bite again.

Grown up boy taking in the scene

"I feel like I'm in a tree..."
  • Trailer lesson with the cowboy. Honestly trailering has been a big burr in our joint side. I wanted the cowboy's take on it. It wasn't... magic.. and unfortunately he said there are "get tos" and "got tos" and said no more get tos until he was comfortable. I'm still mulling over that advice. At this point trailering deserves a whole long post of its own. 

Feelings. So MANY feelings. 
  • Liver pool at the GY's. We had a lesson at JT's where we tackled the liver pool. I forget whether or not I wrote about that here, but he's been so DRAMA about the dang thing we decided he needed to just DO IT. He's done A LOT of standing around next to it and watching me tromp across it. He did it, but it came with some theatrics. I jumped on the opportunity to have another exposure when we showed up at the GY's to get his feets done and it was set up in the arena. He was a super good boy and hopped over it in hand enough that he started eventually realizing he could put a foot on the tarp and didn't need to launch. Also, both his farrier and I are really happy with him barefoot behind again, yay! 

  • XC schooling at Sweet Dixie Monday morning. He trailered very quietly next to his friend and got off the trailer looking like all his brain cells were installed. We definitely got rained on. He historically has felt pretty negative about doing anything in the rain, so it was good to get this out of the way. He was a little head flingy to start, but got over it pretty quickly. As far as the actual schooling, he went in both waters with just a little bit of time dithering on the shores and popped over a handful of logs. He's now jumping in Ben's elevator XC bit and the little bit of extra brakes is perfect. 

See, very relaxed, right off the trailer LOL (and no he wasn't about to pee)

And to finish, a random assortment of photos
Ben is rocking the dad bod a bit too much right now 

Goggles fave activity is to hold the hose in his mouth and water board himself while vigorously flinging his head and soaking everything around him. I'm NOT allowed to hose his face, but he can fling water everywhere, thems the rules. 

Dapples and dad bod

Goggles walking the fine line between enjoying the fan and causing chaos with his face and the fan while his feet were getting done

We let the pigs till the garden this year, they were delighted


  1. lol you really need to get more pictures!!! sounds like you've been busy, i'm glad the riding side of things seems to be going well for Goggles -- esp being a good boy about the little hunter show! the xc schooling sounds super laid back and like a nice experience too. hopefully all the trailering stuff keeps moving in the right direction! will definitely be interested in hearing more about how that's all going!

    1. The trailering is so frustrating and I think a lot of it is my fault which is making me reluctant to write about it lol. He's not necessarily making forward progress, just continuing along at a somewhat functional level.