Tuesday, August 3, 2021

July Wrap Up

I am now looking back on my declarations of not jumping this summer with some amusement. We did get clearance from both JT and my vet regarding moving forward over fences though.

July we had: 
  • 23 rides
    • 2 dressage lessons - major improvements in his canter and walk to trot transitions. Work in progress on differences within gaits, trot to canter transitions, and maintaining that new awesome canter! 
    • 4 jumping lessons in which we started to teach him a new, better way to jump
    • 1 cross country schooling in which he jumped ALL THE THINGS 

    • 1 trail ride away from home where we got eaten alive by MONSTER mosquitoes and decided to quit trail riding off property until the fall 
  • 1 massage - saddles still fit and he's building muscle really nicely 
  • Some weight loss due to increasing work load 
    • Now we get LUNCH! 1.5 quarts of Tribute Kalm Performer 
    • Fat supplement top dressing AM and PM 
    • Another example of how much I LOVE my barn owner. I'd noticed a bit of weight loss and JT had remarked as well. I mentioned it to Ms. GY asking what she thought we should add and she said she had been meaning to ask me if I cared if he got lunch because she noticed too and "I don't like skinny horses in my barn"! 
  • Another successful farrier appointment - Yoshi did nuzzle the top of his head a few times and he gently tried to shoo him away. When that didn't work he bopped him with his elbow. Yoshi's face was SO OFFENDED. I died laughing. Farrier said he was very happy I wasn't offended and that many owners were. Nope, not at all. I am so positive Yoshi would use teeth next, I am not at all offended. 
  • Another month with a HAPPY and SOUND horse 

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