Tuesday, August 17, 2021

My crazy thoroughbred

I rode Yoshi today! I opted to ride before turning him out so that the turnout frolicking would be minimized. He was excellent considering he'd just spent a week in a stall. We did have a few moments like this: 

Staring at the drag outside of the ring - good excuse to spook! 

Ms. GY was loading up her horse and Yoshi was very interested. I am also pulling like crazy. 

But for the most part he went like this: 

I thought I was sitting back. HAHAHA. Video is great. 

A little on the forehand and a little quick, but overall very, very pleasant. He's also developing a neck!

Mid-May for comparison

After I rode, I elected to turn him out in boots - his Majyk Equipe cross country boots were the winner - most breathable and also less likely to get sand in them compared to his open fronts? He immediately rolled both sides and really ground the sand in and then wandered off. Ms. GY had taken her horse and her husband's horse down to a lesson, leaving only their mostly retired two older guys. Yoshi tried to engage them in a game but gave up when they completely ignored him and kept eating grass. I caught him after about 15 minutes, removed the boots, brushed all the sand off, fly sprayed him, put on his fly mask, and then reapplied the boots. I'm waiting for his Shoo Fly boots to arrive in hopes that those will protect him enough from knocks that he at least won't break the skin. I really don't love turning him out in boots given the temperature and humidity here, seems like a recipe for skin funk. But also once the other two horses come back he may run around some, so protecting his legs seems most important right now. 

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