Thursday, September 1, 2022

August Wrap Up

 In August we had 23 rides including 

Off property adventures... 

  • Novice CT at Majestic Oaks - getting back into the swing of things! 
  • An unsuccessful attempt to move up to 1m stadium
  • very successful XC schooling at Majestic Oaks
  • 4 jump lessons and 1 dressage lesson with JT at her place 
Trail pony adventures... 
  • A total of 5 neighborhood trail rides
  • 1 with a friend the whole way, 1 where we left our 2 friends partway through and STILL were super good 
  • 1 where we got absolutely drenched and nearly struck by lightning and he was SUPER in spite of all that 
Body work... 
  • Ben volunteered as an acupuncture demo pony and LOVED IT!!
  • My BFF equine vet came to stay with me for a long weekend and adjusted Ben and he also loved that
Ben also has a slightly adjusted living situation. Like Yoshi, Ben was getting chewed on, so now he goes out with only Ms. GY's older horse and they are best friends. Ben sticks close to him, lets him be in charge, and scratches him, which is really all anyone could want in a friend.  

September we have planned... 
  • Majestic Oaks 3 phase with JT at training level on Sept 10th 
  • Chiro appt with his usual vet and a check to see if he needs his hocks injected on Sept 12th 
  • Possibly a stay with JT? I'm going to Maine for a week to visit a friend and Ben may go to her place for a week of training. But it includes a weekend the barn is going to an away show, so I'm not sure if we'll end up doing that or not. 

We are also ending the month HAPPY and SOUND. So grateful for that. 

Spotted this "friend" meandering around AFTER I'd spent a solid 20 minutes swimming at the springs the other day... glad I still have all my toes! There was another smaller one close by. This one was about 1.5 feet long from head to tail! 

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  1. oooh sounds like some exciting stuff coming up in september!