Friday, November 11, 2022

October Wrap Up

Better late than never, I suppose. 

Ben had: 
  • 19 rides
    • 5 with JT including a training level event where they finished second and a stand alone training XC run at Majestic where he was soft and lovely and easy 
    • 1 off property trail ride
    • 1 cross country school
    • 2 jump lessons, one of which was where things fell apart
  • 5 walk/trot lunging sessions where we practiced relaxation in all and hunting ground poles in a few 
  • Unfortunately a very sore back and sore feet 
October was also when I braided my horse for the first time since high school. He also got his first clip, and I managed to do a much more respectable pattern than on Yoshi last year

Overall a bit bumpy of a month, but it ended on a positive note! 

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  1. Hurray for ending on a high… and here’s hoping for a long enjoyable fall!