Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Wednesday Walks

While moseying around the neighborhood with Ben on Monday, I thought about starting a (semi) weekly post to catalog hacks with the boys. Hopefully this will also motivate me to get out and go places so I'm not stuck posting the same loop over and over again. 

This week Ben and I did a 2.3 mile walk loop from the barn. 

We head out the driveway

Many years ago there were no trees lining this driveway. I'm glad there are now, it's pretty magical

Then turn right and head down the lime rock road. I love riding this road, I hate driving it.

This field sometimes contains goats. For a while one was 3/4 shorn. I kept wondering if he just said F you in the middle or if the clippers died. 

Man in yard requires special attention

These folks have a beautifully productive yard with loquats, bananas, Roselle, and so much more

Then there are the olive trees on the other side of the road

We reach the paved road and go left again. I think these are green beans on the fence? The fence doesn't touch the ground, it starts about 12" up, which I found super confusing until they planted these. Clearly very planned.

Ben was sooo good about trash cans, no cares. Sometimes he does care because they come and go, which isn't allowed in his world.

Also very brave about the flag

Another left turn back onto the far part of our loop. Sometimes there are cows to the right. Sometimes they hide in the trees up ahead.

The new rails on the ground were worth a second look. It was many, many trips past those rocks before he stopped spooking at them. 

Something rustling in here prompted a spook in place. Such pretty flowers though.

This is newly cleared. We went past one day while they were actively dropping trees. He was very, very brave. 

This is our trot set field. There are also a ton of wild blackberries here. We could've turned left to make the smaller loop.

But we continued straight. Sometimes there are goats to the left. Or maybe they're always there and I only sometimes see them.

Then we turn right

Through some abandoned property

Past some abandoned single wides

Not the most scenic part

Past the trash into some woods

And we turn left again. Cow pasture to the right here. Every once in a while the owners dump a dead cow in the back near this fence. Then there are lots of vultures.

Out of the woods. Ben was relaxed enough for a snack and hack. 

Past weird trellis things

More snacking 

Working on his black jack


One more left turn and we're on the home road now. More cow pastures to the right. Sand is quite deep right now in the road. We need rain!! 

The other entrance to our trot set hay field

Close to home! 

Home pasture fence to the right

Back up the driveway


  1. Such pretty lanes and paths for riding !! Most of the roads around our farm aren’t safe for riding so we mostly stick to the big summer pastures, little circuits thru the woods, or bridle paths around all the paddocks and fields. Still nice but not so extensive !!

    1. It is so nice! We are definitely spoiled! There's a couple farther loops too before you end up on roads with high speed limits. Ben isn't as familiar with those though so we mostly only go when we have company. We don't have any natural water though, I'm always envious of your creek pictures.

  2. It's so nice there! Envious of your nice open ground...we're all about forested mountain trails, it's sometimes hard to even get a nice forward walk going with all the rocks and roots.

    1. I love it! I definitely wouldn't mind some terrain, but I can definitely see the downsides of ALL terrain.