Monday, December 4, 2023

November Wrap Up

November was trickier for Goggles but pretty smooth sailing for Ben (knock furiously on wood). Ben did a couple of silly things - started one conditioning ride with a sore RF, a few days after our off property ride, so potentially a bruise since it was gone the next day. And then he pulled a shoe a few days after getting it put on, but otherwise he was very together this month. 




Training rides




3.5 – 3 jump, 0.5 with saddle trial

1 – “jump”


4- 1 off property, 1 ponied


Ground work, lunge, long line

2 – lunge at home

5 – long line

Flat rides

8- including 1 with Ms. GY


Conditioning rides

1- 20 min trot, 3x2 min canter


XC school




Rocking Horse HT, Majestic Oaks schooling jumpers


Ben: We started the month with our return to training level at Rocking horse (Pt 1Pt 2Pt 3) which felt pretty great. 

Photo credit to Xpress Foto

He had a bit of time off after that and then we were back at it with an off property trail ride and a few lessons. We finished the month with our trip to Majestic for another training level jumper round. 

Photo credit to Lisa Madren

We've also improved our relationship. I've done my level best to laugh at things rather than get frustrated. And it seems to be working. He's happier to see me AND seems to be really feeling himself in general lately. He's been doing A LOT of frolicking in turnout but will still come romping directly up to me when I come to get him. Bounce, bounce, bounce, prance, aaaaaannnnnd headed to mom for a carrot! We tried letting him mow the barnyard at JT's before his dentist appointment last week and he immediately fucked off and pranced by all the horses' turnouts and caused chaos. He was most delighted and easily let me catch him. I'm happy things are much improved from the end of October, and my positive attitude changes have lasted longer than the 3 week mark. 

Goggles: Kiddo had a few struggles this month. I finally did the FEC on him and got his hugely high number down. Around this time he also played like an idiot in his field and did something to his neck. So he was cranky, energetic, and stiff, all in one. We seem to have gotten this sorted and he spent the last week being a very nice, lovely four year old. Fingers crossed that trend continues. Next month I'm hoping for a few off property adventures and continued progress in his ability to bend and lift his shoulders. 


  1. ugh that pic over the swedish oxer tho .... congrats on a great Ben month, and gogs will def have his time soon enough lol

    1. Thank you, I'm hoping this will be Goggles month! Going to keep merrily posting that picture whenever vaguely appropriate haha

    2. I love these monthly recaps. Might steal this for myself even if I don't publish.

      That jumping photo is 😍

      Hoping Goggles has a better month in December.

    3. Thank you! I love looking back on these even though they're fairly dry, which is what keeps me doing them. If I were a better blogger I'd probably try to reserve a few more new pictures to sprinkle in each time to add a tiny bit of excitement.