Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Fall Rocking Horse Recap: Stadium Photo Diary

Great week to be on overnights and have time to blog in the wee hours of the morning...

Changing our recap style a bit... I bought the whole photo package, so I'll do a FULL disclosure photo post including even the non-flattering pics because #amatuerlifewithhorses. All photos are by XpressFoto. 

#1 - Good boy Ben! AND I'm sitting up and looking where we're going next

Which turns out to be a big 'ole chip to #2

But he is clever and doesn't knock it

But then I PUSHED for the five strides and didn't support the tight six

And we flung the front rail of #3

And I twisted sideways, sorry bud

And snapped back too early, sorry again Ben! 

But we went forward and I softened him around the turns

And had a nice jump over 4, where he was pretty determined not to touch

#6A was tight but not awful

And we were looking forward to the 2 strides to B

#7 was a liverpool and then a right turn to 8AB

Looking where we're going! 

To finish 8AB, the one stride

#9 - good boy!

#10 - one of my new favorite pictures. He's just stunning

Good boy!!