Thursday, April 18, 2024

Goggles turns FIVE!

My what a year it's been!! 

One year ago. The phlox are blooming again right now, I guess that's his birthday flower (I always knew about birthstones but very recently found out about birth flowers)

Looking at his neck here, I can see how far we've come

Solo trail rides from the GY's

Alllllll legs

Then he moved back down to JT's

And starting learning how to hop over things

And how to line up his shoulders and butt with JT's help

Then jumping got more exciting so he needed a few training rides about being polite after fences

And he got a lesson in manners and a wonderful friend

Then we went XC and actually jumped things

JT rode him in poles and cross rails at his very first horse show

We hung out a lot and played tug of war like a dog

In January he moved to his new farm. He got two acupuncture treatments which made his neck so comfortable! 

We played at a HJ show over some more crossrails

And he also did some fancy trotting there 

Then he took on cross country SOLO

And was so GOOD! 

He's also been getting some good miles under AT

He wrapped up his last few days as a four year old with a combined test

That I would definitely label as a success

Bringing it all full circle with a solo hack through some phlox from his farm right by my house


  1. Good boy and happiest birthday!

  2. gosh he's grown so much since you've gotten him!! and still growing!! happy birthday Goggles!

  3. What a change since he arrived! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, G! He doesn't even look like the same horse. Nice work :)