Monday, April 1, 2024

March Wrap Up

Both boys had a pretty good month this go round. It's a BEAUTIFUL time of year, perfect temperatures, once a week rain, great riding weather. 

Sneak Preview of Goggles FIRST trailered-to trail ride

And I just love this picture and the colors, so here it is a second time




Training rides





1 – trailer loading



1 – Watermelon Pond

Ground work, lunge, long line

2 – lunge

3 – trailer loading, 1 liverpool in hand

Flat rides

7 – including one with my friend


Conditioning rides





1 – gymnastic at home

XC school


1 – Sweet Dixie



1 – warm up day at HSITP

 Goggles: I didn't realize till I made the above chart, but I didn't have a single lesson on Goggles this month, but he did get three training rides. It was a bit of a change up since he's been "home", but I think it was hugely beneficial. He did have 15 rides this month, so I definitely accomplished my goal of stepping it up in terms of consistency with him, in spite being out of town for 5 days and sick for a large part of the month (the pretty weather makes it much easier to ride while under the weather). He responded nicely to the increase in work load again and is becoming much more fun to ride overall. 

He's entered into a CT at Majestic on April 10th. Fingers crossed we do both phases, but either way it will be a good learning experience! 

Ben: Ben did a bit more this month and I think his new part-time partnership with my friend will be great. She's an excellent rider who is getting back into it after a brief hiatus. I'm hoping to get him back down to JT's to restart jump lessons again, for his and my benefit, at the end of the month once he's got a bit more fitness. 

I slipped a bit on his acupuncture at the end of the month, but I'm going to keep it up for April. It was also really helpful for some local back soreness that he developed (who knows how when he's galloping from one end of the pasture to another and levitating and standing on his hind legs while playing with his friends LOL). 

Just the most handsome dood


  1. glad to see Ben stepping it back up a bit again this month!! sounds overall super productive, and i'm pumped for your planned outing on the 10th!

    1. Me too!! So pumped I accidentally went on about it in two posts lol