Monday, July 8, 2024

Short and Sweet

I discovered last week Goggles actually doesn't care about having his mane pulled. So I did that a tiny bit. 

Don't mind the side eye, this wasn't actually after pulling, he was in the stall eating hay while I did that

I also took a conformation type shot of him because I thought he was looking pretty good. Then I got home and stared at it and thought about how far he still has to go and started doubting any progress had been made and thinking that I was not in fact doing anywhere close to a passable job of developing this horse.

Then I pulled up pictures from his arrival. 

And from a year ago. 
Dappled lighting is oh so pretty but doesn't make for a great conformation shot

And I decided we were on an okay path. I absolutely wish he had a stunning topline to share. But I'm hopeful that it will come. We've just really started to unlock some quality flat work that will build it. 

Anyways, thanks for reading along for my journey of self-doubt prompted by an innocent picture. 


  1. lol i am queen of staring at a photo until it hurts my feelings haha so this is totally relatable! goggles looks great, tho, imo. he's a big giant lanky guy who is realistically still growing, it might take a few years before it feels like all the work on his condition does more than keep him from going 'backwards,' but if he's anything like charlie, he'll really chunk out around 7 or 8

  2. Does Gogs grow in odd ways? Dalton will get really skinny and then look super chonky - he's 7 and still growing!

    1. 💯 he does. The year ago picture was when we were still sorting out feeding such a large horse though so that wasn't necessarily his growth, poor dude.