Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A Short Update

Yoshi's first ride back was Monday. He felt sound. But more stiff than usual especially when it came to bending left. It was pretty hard to work through because he was a bit spicy after not working for 1.5 weeks. We kept it short and sweet though, just some w/t and an unintentional canter. I checked in with his vet who said flatwork with bending for 2 weeks. He wanted to see a video of him next week on the lunge. He said he wanted to make sure the systemic effects of the steroids weren't masking something else. Systemic effects from the steroids could last up to 8 days post-injections, so today will be the test on that one I suppose. 

Tuesday we hacked out with Ms. GY to check out the areas that were just cleared around a power line cut. We trotted through the woods and he felt sound still. As we exited the woods I looked down to see a banana spider crawling up my arm. I managed to extract my feet from the stirrups and fling myself off, barely. Yoshi stood like a champ while I used my dressage whip to remove the spider from my saddle. Eeesh. We kept the excitement level high by going down the power line cut across the road. There was a field with an adorable donkey or perhaps pony mule, a pony, and three cows. The mule/donkey was really, really, really excited about talking to our horses. Yoshi held it together really pretty well and just did a bit of sideways when the cows started running. 

Hopefully this all means that we are back on the right track. Time will tell.

He came to hang out with me in the pasture while I was working on my trailer


  1. Glad he seems to be on the right track and feeling better!

  2. I would have thrown myself from the saddle too if there was a spider on it YIKES! Glad Yoshi is feeling better!

    1. Yeah even though I don't mind them, having a giant one crawling on me while "trapped" on the horse was pretty horrifying.