Thursday, December 2, 2021

November Wrap Up

In November Yoshi had: 
  • 23 rides
    • 5 training rides with JT at the start of the month 
    • 2 trail rides away from home- one with company and one solo 
    • 2 stadium jump lessons
    • 1 cross country school at Majestic Oaks - Yoshi jumped all the N things and a few T 
    • 1 dressage lesson - our left lead canter transitions are finally coming together (I say this and then we'll go through a falling apart phase again) 
    • 1 jumper schooling show at Majestic

  • His first hair cut! And I learned how ticklish he is. Which makes way more sense with his general dislike of being groomed. We have a plan for round two.
These feels...

The point at which I decided we needed drugs 
  • 2 chiropractic sessions - something I am SO excited to continue with him, given the differences we're seeing 
November Goals Check:
  • Boot camp week with JT to solidify canter and transitions well they're solid with her in the irons
  • Hauling out to trail ride twice Watermelon Pond and San Felasco
  • Clip Yes, with plenty to learn from for next time!
December Goals:
  • Two away from home trail rides again, this was great motivation to get out and make it happen - they are great conditioning and he's just so much fun to trail ride. Also the weather has been absolutely amazing, so I am going to take advantage of it while it lasts! 
  • Show at Majestic on the 11th
  • Take reindeer antler or Santa hat pictures... 

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