Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Getting all the help

Ben had his dual farrier/vet appointment this morning. Since he got worse last Monday, he's been mostly on stall rest with small bits of turn out with chemical help. His vet didn't want him romping too much if this was a ligament problem.

The good news? Not a DDFT lesion because he has no sensitivity to hoof testers over his heels. The bad? No obvious gas tracks of an abscess on rads. One suspicious area though. He was positive to hoof testers medially and laterally, worst over the nail holes. Medial has been the main problem, so who knows what's up with the lateral side. We pulled both front shoes and he's in for the next week. Poultice over the foot and over the coronary band, give an abscess every route to blow. 

His vet said she doesn't send horses to MRI that are that positive to hoof testers. Recheck next Thursday.

All we've been doing these days... He finally gained the last bit of weight he needed to though with all this rest