Wednesday, June 22, 2022

WW: A familiar view

Tack walking because he struck my forearm with a flying front foot while hand walking

And turnout with sedation because even with various sedatives, tack walking wasn't going well either. Time will tell if it was the wrong decision. Mental health wise, we're both happier.

Not a horse, but look at how cute this lil gal/dude is in a blackberry field 


  1. Ugh hope your arm is feeling better! And that the turnout helps with the excess energy

    1. Thanks! It actually hurt way less than it might have... rubber hoof boots instead of metal shoes saved me, I think.

  2. fingers crossed it all pans out -- theoretically i like to think a horse would protect itself if he's in pain... but we all know sometimes they're just, ugh, horses...