Wednesday, June 1, 2022

WW: Handsome Horse (+ words of a sad vent/rant)

Still in what we hope is bruise/abscess purgatory. He got a glue on shoe on the right front two weeks ago. He'd been slowly getting better while wrapped/poulticed and was sensitive to nails on the medial side both when the shoe was put on and when the shoe was pulled. So we figured bruise on the medial side. He hoof tested positive to the whole medial side right before we put the shoe back on. He carried on in the mildly lame category until a week later when he was gimpy at the walk. Gradual improvement again until becoming seriously gimpy again on Monday. In 6 days we have a dual farrier/vet appointment to take rads while his shoes are off. Maybe we'll catch gas from an abscess if we're lucky? If they are not exciting and his vet recommends it, we'll move to MRI. 

We're on week 5 of this. Both his vet and farrier have said they've had abscesses and bruises take 2 months to resolve. His vet is 80-90% sure it is still just an abscess/bruise based on the history, the hoof testing, etc. He's been in on stall rest though since getting worse again on Monday. Just in case.

If this is more than just a bruise/abscess that won't quit, I am actually done with horses and out. I saw a good friend recently who does a lot of mountain biking; that's the direction I'm going in if this is a collateral ligament or other awful injury. 


He's just the most handsome

But can still dish out some serious side eye at weird things behind him! 


  1. i'm so sorry :( what a seriously crappy pattern ugh. don't give up tho! i tend to think that a serious soft tissue injury wouldn't keep getting better, or produce that sort of hoof sensitivity, so hopefully your vet is right that it's some sort of bizarre mega abscess / bruise situation?? but ya know, if all else fails, mountain biking *is* pretty cool, i guess lol....

    1. The pattern is what is killing me - bought Yoshi, immediate lameness. And then subsequent lameness. Bought Ben, immediate lameness. Mountain biking is sounding really nice right now!

  2. Ugh poor guy. We have a lot of abscesses in the summer too - I'm hopeful that's what it is

  3. Me too, and he has plenty of reason. But the negative part of my mind is telling me this could be serious and awful. And after Leila and then Yoshi, I just keep thinking horses aren't meant to be for me.

  4. Ugh, how heart breaking!! I've certainly had a few monster abscesses that took over a month to FINALLY finish draining and heal, but that still sucks either way.