Saturday, December 3, 2022

November Wrap Up

Ben had: 

  • 22 rides
  • 1 saddle that fits!! Woohoo! We got our jump saddle back from being verrrrryyy specially paneled in the middle of the month. He has been ridden exclusively in that and has been very happy. Now we're going to ship the dressage saddle off to get jump panels put on it that are duplicates of the ones on the jump saddle. 

The cutest, sweetest face 

Looking ahead: 
  • Rocking Horse Dec Horse Trials this weekend at training! 
  • Moving back to the GY's on Sunday 
  • I want to play more on the ground in December - he did a lot of hand grazing at JT's while I watched other lessons, but we didn't do any lunging or hunting the pole. I can certainly move things around at JT's, but have to put them back whereas at the GY's they'll often play with exercises I set up, so I can leave things down, which appeals to my lazy side. I definitely do clean up after myself, but I like to use things twice before doing so LOL. 
Ben and friend before one of our best planned rides... pre-hurricane hack with two silly TBs... everyone kept themselves together fortunately 

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