Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The other pet

 Pico had a fantastic Christmas. We were going to go to NC, but y'know 

So we stayed in Florida. Pico is now on a home cooked diet of Salmon, eggs, margarine, and oats. And we've tweaked the cellulose so that she is no longer having diarrhea. Combine that with daily DexSp injections and q12h cisapride and ondansetron mixed into her food and she's a healthy, happy cat! I looked at my dad while I was mixing her meds into her food and told him I have no idea how I turned into the person who has a cat that dictates whether or not we can go out of town, takes three daily medications, and eats a home cooked diet. But here we are. And she is SO freaking happy that I don't want to rock the boat. We have a plan to hopefully eventually wean her off the DexSP, we're already down 25% from her max. Then she at least won't be getting a daily injection. 

Immediately after this picture she climbed ON the counter... thought that the bar stool was an invitation directly up to the counter. Bad kitten! 

Anyways, she got treats for the first time in a few months because we had cooked salmon and shrimp, two foods she CAN eat. So she was thrilled by that. And my dad and his partner find her adorable, which always pleases her when people fully appreciate her cuteness. Also she discovered the DOG FOOD set away for the dog's dinner on top of the dryer and ate at least a piece of it before I realized that she wasn't just licking a tiny scrap off the floor and shook an entire piece of dog kibble out of her mouth. Steroids may be making her a bit polyphagic. 

Right after I discovered her getting the dog food, looking so smug

She also displaced the dog from the couch later by gently kneading on the dog's side. This made the (very emotionally sensitive) dog so uncomfortable she got up off the couch. Pico was super pleased to discover she could push the dog around in addition to eating the dog's food. 

In horse news, Ben got his hocks done Friday. He had a decent amount of thin synovial fluid come out of his left DIT, definitely abnormal. She was pleased with how deep into his joints she could sink the needle - said it meant his joints were nice and open like a younger horse. This was the first time his vet has done his hocks, she actually has just dealt with his super long abscess and done chiro on him. She said if every horse was like him her job would be so much easier. He was nicely sedate, but not falling over, and didn't move a muscle when she injected him. Good boy Ben.

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