Friday, November 3, 2023

Custom Pedigree Reports

Ben and Goggles have both had custom pedigree reports done by Amanda and Hilary of BreedRideCompete. The reports are available for thoroughbreds and warmbloods. The reports are amazing; they even worked hard to not duplicate information between reports because they share Giant's Causeway (Ben's sire's sire and Goggle's dam's sire). I know very little about thoroughbred breeding, so the reports are a very cool dive into their bloodlines and notable relatives, both in sport and racing. Each report was 10 or 11 pages long and included soooo much info and clickable links to pictures, videos, social media profiles, etc. 

The reports start with the horse's racing career and breeding information; this was the only info I already had pieces of as some of it is pretty easily findable on Pedigree Query and Equibase. It makes a great opener because it is the basic info about each horse - pedigree, breeder, race record. 

Then the reports get into sire and dam information. 

Notable offspring from Ben's sire and grandsire were also included. The report went back to Giant's Causeway offspring as well, because Niagra Causeway, his sire, only produced 100 foals, a relatively limited number. Ben has more half-siblings in the hunter world (40.6%) vs. eventing (21.9%), although they do note that since USEF registration isn't required below preliminary level, likely some LL eventers slipped through the cracks. That was interesting to me as well because he was bought to be a hunter, and likely would've made quite a good one if it weren't for his tongue habit. 

My favorite tidbit from Ben's was actually a picture of his dam, Heavens Above. 

Tell me that he didn't get his dam's face. Same sweet eye, long forelock, delicate muzzle. 

I had found pictures of his sire relatively easily, but none of his dam. His dam's production record was included along with links to most of the offspring in one form or another. That same eye and modelesque head carried through from mom most of the time. 

Goggles report opener included links to watch all five of his race videos!!! It was really fun to watch every single detail of them over and over again: how did he walk up, how did he load, break, etc etc. I downloaded those so I can keep them. 

I also learned that he was bred in Rhinebeck, NY, where my best friend did her equine internship. One year later and she might have met him as a foal. But she did tell me the farm was lovely and everyone there was super sweet. It makes sense with his personality, he's so cuddly and trusting. Sometime soon I need to get a picture of him letting me just wrap my arms around his whole head. He'll stand that way for a solid minute or two (maybe longer, but I get bored too). 

There were also links to the social media of the people who own some of his notable siblings, I creepily added those to my internet stalking list! Then the reports get into the mare family that they were descended from. 

Goggles is from Mare Family 3: Dam of the Two True Blues, while Ben is from Mare Family 5: The Massey Mare. They also then go through Reines-de-Course mares in each horses pedigree, designated on pedigree query with a green star in the pedigree report. I had never heard that term before, so it was really neat to learn about. 

I loved everything about these reports. Zinger was of very unknown breeding (he was rumored to have been a breeding stallion in Canada, but without any registration info... suspicious lol), so having thoroughbreds that have a known history is so cool! 


  1. I love doing those pedigree searches. I was able to get pics of both Dalton's dam and sire - he looks JUST like his momma it's funny

    1. Very cool to be able to find!! On the one hand, I'm (most likely) never going to breed anything, but it's really cool to learn about the background and maybe have a bit more info and knowledge when selecting horses in the future.