Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Wednesday Walks: San Felasco

It is a gorgeous time of year here, if a bit dry. Ms. GY and I loaded up the boys on Friday and went to San Felasco. I had been with Yoshi, but Ben had never gone. It's a pretty heavily used state park that has biking, hiking, and equestrian trails. A few are shared use, but for the most part the horses and bikes are kept separate. That's definitely a good thing because the trails can be quite winding and narrow, and I'm honestly not sure how the cyclists don't run into each other. 

Ben was PERFECT!!! He was definitely a bit confused. I have taken him for one other off property trail ride with Ms. GY, but 99.9% of our trips are to go jump or dressage somewhere. He had his alert ears on and was surveying side to side most of the time, but was a really, really good boy. 

Starting out - he was fairly suspicious of all the signs we passed, we joked he was reading them and learning the routes

The first part of the trails are a little deep because they're the most used 

There is SUCH varied terrain here, it is fun 

Keeping one ear on the woods

And then the trail narrowed a bit 

We chose to fork right 

To get to this big field and have a trot and canter

Sooo pretty 

Before heading back into some pine forest

Which transitioned to include some live oaks

He liked the openness of these woods better than the thick underbrush we started in

Live oaks <3 

Then we opened up to the power line cut

And moseyed down the fairly steep hill 

Then turned back to home through thicker woods again

Starting to get the golden afternoon light 

More pine cushioned trails

Shared use cyclist trail by some wetlands that weren't very wet right now 

Hanging back at the trailer, staring at Ms. GY's horse in the distance as she hosed him off

He only spooked once when a cyclist buzzed up behind us pretty quickly, totally justified. I think it was great for him to go somewhere and just mosey, I'd like to do it a lot more this winter. San Felasco is pretty extensive, I have taken trail rides that last all morning there, so there's a lot more for us to explore. AND its only about 20 minutes from the barn. 


  1. That looks so fun - I really miss trail riding!

    1. We're so lucky to have a lot of places close to us. I'm delighted that Ben was actually fun to trail ride on too lol

  2. looks like a beautiful place to ride!!

    1. It is really beautiful, quite busy on weekends though, but a great weekday spot.