Monday, March 29, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Today is Yoshi's 7th birthday! I'm so excited partially because I actually know his birthday. I knew my first horse's b-day since he was a registered Appaloosa, but I had no idea on Leila and Zinger. I had grand plans to bake him an oat and apple cake, but I worked all weekend and work the next four days as well, so those grand plans went by the wayside. Instead I picked out a cherry pop tart, a cinnamon bun, powdered sugar donuts, and an oatmeal cream pie for him at the gas station on my way out to the barn this morning. While he tasted all the things, he was not a fan of any of them. He tried a second bite of the pop tart, but then vetoed it. He and my friend's horse, also a 7 year old thoroughbred, spit most of the treats out on the aisle. And then tried the crumbs again multiple times... hoping they had somehow become tastier with barn aisle dirt on them? Fortunately some of the other horses in the barn were more than happy to eat the rejected treats. I had remembered to bring out carrots, so he got two of those and then a nice hand graze with my friend's horse. 

They're so cute together

He definitely does not fit this halter... such a dainty face! 


  1. lol my friends brought out a super fancy carrot cake for their TB's bday recently too, and he likewise spurned it. such snobby beasties!!! lol