Monday, May 31, 2021

May Wrap Up

May was a fantastic month for Yoshi and me. He has... 
  • Moved barns.
  • Gone for 17 rides.
    • 5 trail rides including our 1 solo ride away from home 
    • 1 dressage lesson
  • Worn both shoes for 29 days and the left one for all 31 days - I should shut my mouth... we're at 5 weeks this week so he won't be done until next week... don't want to start June with pulling a shoe.
  • Gotten a massage.
  • Tried 3 dressage saddles and ended up finding one we both like.
  • Gotten his teeth floated.
  • Let me clean his sheath. I had snatched the very large bean at one point when he dropped in the aisle of our old barn, but the outside was still very, very dirty. Initially he was really inclined to kick me when I touched it, but he finally let me really clean off the outside thoroughly. 
  • Made a lot of progress on touching his ears all over.
  • Learned how to get along with everyone else in the pasture. 
  • Stood on Sure Foot pads and LOVED them. More on that later. 
We have not... 
  • Made any further progress with clippers. Riding is so much more fun than desensitizing to clippers. 
  • Kicked or bitten me. Excellent goal to continue over to next month. 
  • Made any further progress with ToH or ToF. Like with clippers, not a failure to progress while trying, but a failure to even try. I will do better in June. Especially because the heat/humidity is real and there will definitely be days where I can't get out early enough to make it fair to go for a ride.


  1. It’s gotta feel so satisfying to finally have Yoshi back on a good track again! Glad things are going so well!

  2. You got a lot done this last month!