Thursday, July 7, 2022

Sound of body and...

Ben has a box of gastrogard sitting in my living room right now... we've gone back to "work" which for right now means 30-40 minutes walking with 5-10 minutes trotting. Poor kid is very spooky right now though. He doesn't DO anything, he just tosses his head, prances a bit, tries to escape forward, etc etc. Certainly not dangerous, but not really conducive to walking with relaxation and swing through his back either. And not pleasant for either one of us. 

After all he has been through the past few months, I would not be surprised if he had ulcers, so we're giving gastrogard a go to see if that helps. In a week he'll get shoes back on the fronts and can go back to full time night turnout. I'm hoping that will help as well because he does play a good bit in the pastures. 

For now we just try to keep our shit together, and I try to lower my expectations. He is not Yoshi, Leila, or Zing. He has genuine fears that rattle his cage and he struggles to put himself back together after that happens. Whether or not I find it rational that a small bird flitting in the bushes near us spooks him, it does. I would do better to accept him for who he is as a person in all facets of life. (While still trying to rule out medical issues that could contribute to this right now)

I've stumbled across "rabbit practice" on the chronicle forums over the years and always kinda blown past it because I had horses who were naturally very brave and steady. But it seems like it might be productive for Ben. 

I am also incredibly glad we went through this in the summer. I can't imagine adding winter friskies to the mix. 

He did get the privilege of grazing off lead in the barnyard. I was hiding from the sun in the shade right by him, the lead just wasn't long enough to let him get the good stuff without me roasting. He handled the privilege well. 

It's hard to be motivated to really delve into blogging about our should-be-boring rides right now. But I think his mental state does deserve more attention because my "pretend it isn't happening" isn't particularly working. 


  1. oh man i am so glad to hear that he's doing so much better, and that the shoes are going back on again!! fingers crossed this is the end of the drama for a good long while!

    1. Me toooo!!! I feel so badly about the toll all this took on his mental health though, but we can put that back together.

  2. It took awhile for me to figure out the comfort level of my OTTB mare but she's always been very clear about her opinions and we're both happier when she's comfortable - mentally and physically. Hoping he continues to heal and settle

    1. Thank you, me too! He is a tricky one because I think he will always be a somewhat spooky, sensitive horse. So it is hard to tell what is "over the top", especially since I only had a few months of knowing him before all this hoof drama started. But I am hopeful we will get him more comfortable soon.