Wednesday, July 13, 2022

WW: Shoe Day!

Brand new shoes today, hooray!

Both of us making good life choices yesterday. He actually handled this just fine, thankfully.

A more relaxing photo


  1. oh my lord, i swear to god charlie and i repeat the same dance like every time i dismount. i leave the reins in a loop over his neck. he immediately swoops down to rub his face on an outstretch neck, almost invariably coming thisclose to either poking said leg through the reins, or stepping directly on top.... ugh. thank god for sensible creatures tho!

    unrelated.... so how are the shoes??????

    1. *outstretched leg... whoops

    2. They seem to be good! I got one ride in then have been out of town since Friday. He was a bit sore the first ride, both front feet. My farrier has never gotten him short before but I think maybe didn't account for his much natural trimming had happened in the hoof boots. So he reacted a bit to the hot shoing. But my trainer has been working him and said that has gone away.