Sunday, July 31, 2022

Turning into a trail pony?

Ben was the BEST horse yesterday for a walk around the neighborhood. He walked ON THE BUCKLE for most of the ride. He only spooked once at a squirrel and quickly regained his composure. 

I'm not sure what happened, it was about 93 degrees, hence the walk only ride, and also day 6/6 for rides. And he's going out with the whole 5 horse herd at this point so maybe he's worn out from new social interactions. But in any event, I have never been able to just hold the buckle and have him walk with a loose, swinging back out on trails. 

Tacked up, about to head out, his mane looking much more civilized than it actually is right now

At least we were mostly in the shade while we rode

Walking past a house with geese and goats without batting an eye

He gave the cows a long hard look, but kept his feet moving forward. The look didn't escalate into a spook in place like he has sometimes done. 

I am so so happy with this, I've been trying to turn him into a solid trail pony since I got him (because what else do you do with your fancy new event horse). 


  1. Aw yay!! So awesome that he’s enjoying the hacks so much! Idk what I’d do if I could get out for the occasional wander with my horse …

    1. It was such a struggle! We had so many failed attempts at wandering around that I was starting to think it just wasn't going to work. But it is so lovely to be able to get out of the ring, especially when it is this bloody hot.

  2. Trail ponies are the best ponies!