Friday, October 13, 2023

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Looking oh so handsome


If you are in Aiken, you must go to vampire penguin. It's like snow was the best description I got before eating it. And that is the best description I can give. But it's delicious snow. 

We all stayed about 20 minutes from the grounds and the boys got turnouts. It was so nice. 

Ben enjoying his turnout

Then we get to the pro photos. I had such a hard time choosing. Liz Crawley Photography did such a wonderful job and it is a beautiful venue. I love the greens of the trees and jumps with Ben's dark coat. 

Close to the end of the stadium course when we had gotten ourselves together and he was jumping well.

No touchy the brushy. Good boy, Ben. The lighting in this shot was just perfect. 


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    1. Thank you! Me too!! It was such a beautiful venue and they got the lighting just right in that one.

  2. you guys look great, so much air time in the SJ picture!! i just love horse show pics lol

    1. Thank you! Me tooooo, I had such a hard time choosing. This photographer didn't do any special multiple picture deals otherwise I probably would've gone wild.