Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Wednesday Walks: ponying with a view

So I didn't document one walk with Goggles because I was too busy riding him. He was fresh, his buddy was fresh, there was piaffing going on from his buddy, and lots of head shaking "wildness" from him. It didn't progress any further than that, but I was unclear on whether or not it was going to, so it didn't seem wise to bring out the phone. 

But I did manage to pony Ben and take pictures! We did the same basic neighborhood loop as last time with a bit of road time added on.

Ben = thrilled. Ms. GY's saint = unenthused. 


Ben has NO concept of personal space. He merrily walks almost on the other horse and only moves a bit when he gets told to F off. 

Down the same dirt road as last time

But then we turned the other direction on the main road

The tractor ahead on the left caused a little anxiety for saintly pony horse. He doesn't see that well AND it is new. 

Both of them observing

Do you feel reassured if I touch you? I feel reassured! - Ben

To the right is a 40 acre plot that was planted pines until recently. They were all cut and now we're getting to watch how things regrow. 

Ben = delighted still. Friend = unenthused, still. 

The field across the paved road is the reason I won't go this way solo. There is a donkey that lives in there that gets a huge kick out of galloping up to the fence and terrifying Ben. Ben is looking for him right now. 

The donkey doesn't run up while we're facing the field. I stood like this for a while, waiting. But as soon as we turned and started walking back, Ben spun into his friend because the dang donkey galloped at the fence. 

Ben wanted to touch his friend still. His friend's ears are pinned, but Ben does not care. 

Instead of going through the hay field, we went down the little lane by it. It is one of my favorites because there's no vehicle traffic so the sand doesn't get very deep. 

Hard to snap a selfie with me and Ben in it. 

Hopefully soon I'll have some more exciting views. It finally feels like fall, so it is time to go trail ride out and about! 


  1. charlie has more or less been ok ish with the donkeys we've encountered, but i'm pretty sure that would change RIGHT QUICK if they galloped straight up behind us, omfg

    1. I just have to laugh because it is so predictable every time. I don't know if the donkey is laughing too or if it just feels safest charging defensively when the horses' backs are turned?? 🤷