Wednesday, October 4, 2023

WW: Manners, young grasshopper

Goggles has been in solo turnout, in a paddock in the middle of lots of other paddocks, since he kicked Ben about twenty times in one night. Since Ben wasn't the first horse he'd kicked, he didn't get a second try with anyone else. Until today. 

No Goggles were harmed during the making of this video. In fact, he's probably better for it. 


  1. Oh that's fantastic! Beautiful chestnut boy looks comfortable enforcing the manners fairly.

    1. He is amazing. He's the perfect balance of enforcing, but not being a jerk about it. I am so grateful to him and his owner for letting Goggles learn some manners from him. It's a tough sell "Hey, can I turn my 17.1 hand baby out with your horse? BTW he kicks and doesn't really understand what no means." I'm only hoping the lesson sticks well enough that when the chestnut goes back home Goggles can have another friend.

  2. lolz, important life lessons, Goggles!