Monday, October 16, 2023

Truck and trailer upgrades

I made a few simple upgrades to the truck/trailer set up recently. One is so simple I have no idea why I didn't do it years earlier... 

Seriously. This little thing is amazing. It came in a two pack, so Ms. GY got the second. Trailer is always perfect on the first try. I had gotten pretty good at the side to side part (provided I could back the truck STRAIGHT to the trailer and didn't have to hitch up at an angle), but the front to back help is incredibly useful and the side to side is pretty useful. It has a magnetic bottom and the truck is aluminum, but it sticks to the base of the ball in the truck bed. 

First try thanks to this little tool. Angles are weird here because of the carport where the trailer lives has a steep ramp in that the truck is still on when hooking up...

The next upgrade is more for my... comfort? And less a necessary, life-changing thing. 

For Ben, I pretty much know what he does in the trailer - worry, not eat hay, and stand wide behind while leaning on the back. But Goggles has made the whole thing rock in pretty interesting ways, so I'm curious to see what goes on while he's doing that. The camera charges with a USB plug or cigarette lighter. The screen has to be plugged in to either the USB or the cigarette lighter to run, it doesn't have its own battery. Because the trailer is aluminum, I used the provided sticky magnetic strip and attached that high up on the front wall of the horse area. I was unsure if it was going to be strong enough because Ben lives down a washboard lime rock road full of potholes, and then our main road (5 miles to the next turn, 55 mph speed limit) is also really terrible. The county is due to resurface it in 2024, thank goodness. It was pretty interesting to see that they really don't get that shaken up by the bumpy road. The suspension in my truck is quite stiff, so it seems almost worse in the truck than in the trailer. Anyways, I really put the sticky/magnetic pad to the test and it held up beautifully.

It has infrared cameras so you can see what they're doing even when it is dark out

Then you get color during the day! Pretty good picture quality for something relatively inexpensive

Ben enjoying his box stall. He does travel slightly better solo. Travelled slanted forward the whole trip this time. 

Any truck and trailer items you can't live without? I carry a first aid kit and a trailer aid for changing a flat as well, but those are less exciting to talk about. 


  1. oooh love this !! i live for simple yet practical upgrades to repeatable processes lol.... my truck and trailer stay hooked up most of the time, and i admit that my hitching skills have gotten super rusty as a result.... probably just need to bite the bullet and get a camera lol.

    my first truck had a sticker right in the middle of the rear window, and the first trailer had like this V-shaped striping on the front, so if you put the sticker in the middle of the V, it was all good --- and has been all downhill since then LOL

    1. The fun part of this camera is it would be super easy to use to hitch up and then pop inside to use to stare at the horses for the trip!