Thursday, April 15, 2021

Goals... modified

I initially thought I had nothing to write about in this kind of post given Yoshi's uncertain soundness currently. The effusion in his front left fetlock is better some days and worse others. I'm getting more and more suspicious he had steroids put into that joint around the time he retired from racing. But neither the fetlock nor the feet mean that he can't continue his in hand education. So without further ado... 

April - June 2021 Goals: 
  • Work through all doable exercises in the Equine Fitness book. Do 2 each time I see him. 
  • Improve ToH so that we can do a correct 1/2 circle of it in both directions
  • Work on standing still over grass for up to 2 minutes without needing corrections
  • Continue to handle ears until it is no big deal all the time. Generally he's fine with it, but I think he was ear twitched in the past because sometimes if I move too quickly he will get kind of panicky and then I can't touch it at all for the next few minutes until he forgets about it.
  • Continue to behave ourselves for the farrier. 
  • Improve handling of hind feet 
  • If allowed with this next set of shoes, start hand walking 30+ minutes 3 times a week. Trailer to new places to do this and continue to practice ground manners while at new places. 
  • Clip bridle path again. Assess whether it seems like I'd be able to body clip and if not, start working on desensitizing to clippers. 
It would be more exciting to write riding goals, but dammit, we still need something to work towards. 

A good friend came to visit- we kayaked "the Chazz" and saw manatees and otters

There's only so many different pictures I can post of Yoshi from the ground, so I figured this was more interesting anyways


  1. Always lots to work on, those seem like good goals considering your situation

    1. Indeed. Your quarterly goals posts inspired me. It seems like the right time frame.

  2. oh man i hope his feet / fetlock get better asap tho!!