Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Well that would've been useful information

The surgeon who saw Yoshi finally emailed over the report from his exam there as well as the insurance form. 

The report was surprising to me for a few reasons: 

1) Mild navicular changes in the right front. I am positive that he said the good news was the navicular bone looks fine. Okay, fine, this wouldn't have changed our current treatment approach, but certainly changes my thoughts on his future career. 

2) Recommendation for stall rest and shockwave. My understanding was we were going to recheck after 3 shoeing cycles. That's not the recommendation in there (recheck at 60 days). Also... horse clearly has not been stall rested. I'm pretty sure the quote was "I don't see why he couldn't go out." And had I known they were recommending shockwave of his suspensories, he would've been getting shockwave of his suspensories. 

This does bring together the initial lameness on the left front though - likely proximal suspensory rather than the fetlock I keep dragging on and on about that looked improved on the rads. As soon as I got this, I scheduled an appointment to re-ultrasound the suspensory and start his damn shockwave - Friday May 7th. I am hesitant to go anywhere else because of everyone's disdain for looking at others diagnostics, but I am sure going to nail him down in a lot longer conversation while taking notes to make sure that I get everything straight before waiting 6 weeks for a report. I'm hoping the navicular changes were so mild that they slipped by on the initial quick review of the rads. Hopefully getting his feet straightened out will help there. Time will tell I suppose. 

He gets his feet done again today. Hopefully things are going well under those clogs. I'll take pictures this time for sure. 

Still working on finances to work on that lease that now seems all the more needed. 


  1. hm that's so weird tho that the vet kinda conveyed a different message in conversation than what's in the report. in any case, good luck with the recheck and glad there are more answers at least. seems like the work you're doing with his feet could make a big positive difference overall -- fingers crossed!

    1. Yes, realizing the intern wrote it made so much more sense. Not really much less frustrating, but more sense lol

  2. Ugh - I don't understand poor communication in health care professionals of any kind, whether human doctor or vet - things should be clear from the outset. Fingers crossed the new options for treatment help.

    1. Totally agreed, my husband has neck problems and the tiny amount of time doctors spend actually in the room or talking to him/us is insane. At least this guy spent longer?? But the conflicting messages were really frustrating.